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Call for Entry: Art of Peace… Alameda County

We are taking proposals from artists living or working within Alameda County.

Using disabled gun components, artists will create works which will become a part of a traveling exhibit to raise awareness of gun violence.

Art of Peace… Alameda County is a project of the Office of Alameda County DA in close partnership with Robby Poblete Foundation  and transforming guns used in crimes, taken as evidence and acquired through gun buybacks into works of art. These pieces will be featured in a traveling exhibit to raise awareness about gun violence, placed as monuments in public places, and Items will be ultimately auctioned to provide sustaining funds for the next round of projects.


March 16th        ...  Submissions from artists

April 2nd           ...  Art Selection - 20 first cut finalists and 7 final pieces  

April 7th            ... Artist pick-up material

May 18th           ... Deadline for completion of art work

May 22nd         ...  Artist finished works presentation and tour  (Oakland Museum?)

June 3rd           … Auction of art

July 4th            ...  Wrap up

Submission instructions:

  • - Email submission to:

  • - In subject line, please include the title of your submission and your name.

- Proposals must include the following:

  • Maximum 2 sketches of proposal:
  • Your design concept must communicate a clear design and concept. The final art may differ slightly from the initial sketch. Include as an attachment in JPG or PDF format, no larger than 5 meg each file 3 images of previous work, no larger than 4 MB each
  • Statement describing project of 200 words or less. This should convey your design strategy. Include as an attachment to your email in .doc, .docx, .txt, or .pdf format.
  • Artist Bio. Include as an attachment to your email in .doc, .docx, .txt, or .pdf format. Please also include your address, phone, email, and website.

Please indicate which category you shall be applying for.

We are looking for 7 pieces in all:   6 smaller sculptures (Category 1) and 1 large sculpture (Category 2).  

  1.   Category 1: Small sculpture $1500 (imagine a table top sized piece less than 100 lbs)
  2.   Category 2: Large sculpture $2500 (a larger freestanding work less than 300 lbs)

We will select 20 finalists and pay $100 each, and, from them, select the final 7.



Go where your imagination takes you but please avoid the glorification of gun violence. The project will supply materials to participants. Participants will incorporate disassembled handgun components (rendered inoperable) into their final work. Gun designs vary tremendously and may include pistols, shotguns, handguns, assault rifles, and the occasional missile launcher.  


By participating in this exhibition, you are giving us the right to use your name and also the right to promote images of the work made for this exhibition. A physical, illustrated brochure may include an introduction as well as contributions from the jurors, crafts curators, scholars and activists.

Terms of Participation:

  • Visual artists over 18 years of age may enter. Any metalworking or craft techniques may be employed.
  • Artists must live or work in Alameda County.
  • Acceptance of an applicant’s proposal is based on demonstration of ability to work with this medium and/or the viability of the proposal submitted. Incomplete entries will be automatically disqualified.
  • The actual gun components will be distributed in Oakland, and must be utilized in the final design.
  • It is strongly recommended that finished designs be structurally sound (not fragile) and easily transported.
  • It is forbidden to attempt to restore the supplied guns to an operable state. Any functional weapons or designs posing a risk to human safety in any way will be automatically disqualified from this exhibition.
  • Members of the Jury and Exhibition Committee are not eligible for awards, but may create artwork for inclusion in the Exhibition. 
  • Participant agrees to hold harmless the Exhibition Organizers, Jurors and Exhibiting Venues and agrees they will not be held liable in the event of injury, loss or damage.
  • All accepted artworks become the property of the Office of Alameda County DA.
  • Participant agrees to give rights of visual reproduction to the Office of Alameda County DA.
  • Artists will be credited in printed material and media.
  • Items will be auctioned to provide sustaining funds for the next round of projects.



ADA Teresa Drenick // // (510) 272-6280

Rebecca Richardson // // (510) 272-6213



If you have questions or submissions you can contact us here.

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