Art... from darkness

Nothing Stops a Bullet Faster Than A Job...

Recently, My Office launched Phase 1 of our public awareness campaign “Save A Life, Lock Up Your Gun.” I am excited that our Campaign is slated to go national.



If art is the "indescribable made unforgettable", then this is the forging of dark matter into a brilliant and unforgettable light.


Through the "lock up your gun" campaign, we met an amazing woman who has profoundly inspired me and my team. That woman is Pati Navalto Poblete. You see, Pati, in a very selfless way, is leading a local artist effort to create beauty from violence and sadness. Pati’s son, a young welder, was killed by gun violence in Solano County. Pati created the Robby Poblete Foundation and she has piloted her art project in Solano County.

I am thrilled that my dear friend and very talented artist Andrew Johnstone is working with me and my Office, along with our partners, to create our art project. Together, we will carry forward the artistic vision of turning guns, used to engage in violence in Alameda County, into art. The art will reflect the profound message to end gun violence and create different, positive and pathways for all.

 We are destroying hundreds of guns used in crimes. As with Pati’s project, we will invite local artists to participate in turning those gun parts into Art work.  

Thank you Pati, Andrew and our partner friends who are all committed to stopping gun violence, and providing diverse pathways for careers. I never forget that Nothing Stops a Bullet Faster Than A Job...